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Initial Integration And Support for Student

Are you moving to The Netherlands in pursuit of a higher education? You just found the right place to begin your journey. As you probably have a lot of questions, scroll down to find out more!

Study in The Netherlands

Study In The Netherlands For International Students

Are you considering studying abroad so that you can expand your horizons, explore a new country, and learn about a new culture? If yes, then The Netherlands can be a perfect place that offers quality education in an internationally acclaimed environment. Students can pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s in Netherlands in some of the best universities of the country.

“The Netherlands Is One of The Most Preferred Locations For International Students.”

Universities in The Netherlands for international students offer a wide variety of courses and most of them are taught in English language thus making The Netherlands one of the preferred locations for international students. The statistics reveal that one out of every ten students is an international student since they can study in Holland in English which is one of the most spoken languages in the world.

Students from all over the world come to study in The Netherlands and most of the Dutch universities have associations for international students which help these students throughout the duration of their course. Netherlands is one of the safest places in Europe and most of the locals speak English which makes the overall environment convenient and comfortable for the international students.

“Let other students help You integrate better”

Cost of studying

The cost of studying in The Netherlands is less expensive when compared to U.K. and U.S. since the tuition fee is low for higher education as it has been subsidized by the Dutch government. In the Dutch Universities, annual tuition fee for a course or a degree program starts at about 1900 EUR per year for the EU students and for the non-EU students, it’s a little higher. The universities use innovative and modern teaching methods and strong emphasis is given on developing academic skills by including practical elements in the course.

Apart from low course fee, there are various scholarships available to study in Holland for international students. The Dutch government in 2015 introduced study in Holland Scholarships for international students who are outside the EEA (European Economic Area) and plan to pursue Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Netherlands. These scholarships are awarded based on talent and the selection criteria depends on the institution where the student has applied to study in Holland.

Cost of living

Another benefit of studying in Netherlands is that the cost of living is comparatively lower. There is a wide range of options available for international students to find student housing in The Netherlands. Some campuses do offer housing facilities, but it’s not very common. However, student cities offer rental accommodations at lower costs and there is also an option of shared housing in large cities.

Studying and living cost in The Netherlands which includes daily expenses on food, clothing, study material, transportation, and housing costs come out to be 800-1100 EUR per month on an average. The students can also get discounts in many restaurants, cinemas, museums, and bars. The Netherlands has a very well-connected transport system and students are offered discounts at most of the places thus making travel quite affordable.

The conclusion

To sum it up, The Netherlands with its vibrant culture, affordable living expenses, low study costs, high-quality education, and good ROI makes it one of the most sought-after country for international students.
Happy Learning!